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Julie Denton is a former Republican State Senator from Louisville, KY who served twenty years in the Kentucky State and is four years as a Louisville’s Metro Councilwoman serving the 19th District.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisville, is a realtor and previously was a dental hygienist and  small business owner.


In the Senate she served as chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee. She was also a member of the Banking and Insurance Committee, the Licensing and Occupations committee, Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee, and various task forces.

Julie is married to Barry Denton, a retired sergeant with the Louisville Metro Police Department. She has four children and is a member of Simpsonville Baptist Church.


Julie received the 1998 Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses for her success in passing legislation which allows 100 percent tax deductibility of health insurance premiums for all individuals and businesses. She also received the 1998 Legislator of the Year Award from the American Legislative Exchange Council.  In 1997, she was awarded the Better Life Award from the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities for her work in the areas of Medicaid and long term care. In 2000, Julie received the Carl D. Perkins Service Award from the ARC of Kentucky for her commitment to persons with mental retardation, and in 2002 she received the Star Award from the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky.  In 2003 she received the Distinguished Public Service Award from the Kentucky Psychological Association for her advocacy for those with disabilities.

Julie is a proud member of the Fillies. Julie's free time is spent serving at his church, Simpsonville Baptist Church, and spending time with her husband Barry and their 16 year old daughter Calloway, 21 year old daughter Caroline and 32 year old son Thomas and daughter-in-law Bella.

Dr. Barry Denton

Vice President

Dr. Barry Denton’s professional career is exemplary of an individual who is dedicated to development.  Unafraid to roll up his sleeves, Denton has always favored a hands-on approach — especially when it comes to his leadership roles!  Now, as an active member of the community and a rising leadership consultant, this professional is doing his part to shed light on the importance of absorbing ideas from a variety of perspectives.

Dr. Denton has a bachelor of science degree, holds two master's degrees, and a doctorate in organizational leadership. Dr. Denton is an expert in the area of non-profit development, CEO leadership management, homeland security, and emergency management. His free time is spent serving at his church, Grow Church in Naples, and spending time with his lovely wife, Julie, their 20-year-old daughter Callie, their 25-year-old daughter Caroline and 36-year-old son Thomas.

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